Sofie Skapski


Evening Enchantment

Heading Into Winter

It has been a different kind of year with social distancing. So much more time has been spent alone in the studio, or out communing with nature. The world is a quieter place, but art making and art sales still go on unabated. I feel such gratitude that in these hard times art is still valued and desired. And as the year moved along a  new avenue opened up for me. In September I joined the team at The Old School House in Qualicum as a resident artist. Every Tuesday you can find me there, painting in my lovely studio, where my work is on display to the public full time. And when I am not there, I am at my sweet home studio. The summer was a joy painting on my covered patio, and this fall I am cosy inside my tiny space, now fully insulated and heated. I had a summer immersed in poppy paintings and now I am exploring skies behind dark silhouettes of trees. Winter is coming and I am ready for it, taking inspiration in all its nuances to create new works. 


Evening Silhouette

New Works


Oil and Cold Wax

Cold wax medium is a mixture of white unbleached beeswax and odourless mineral spirits. When mixed, it gives oil paint a buttery consistency for painting thickly with texture, and hastens the drying time. I use palette knives and have developed a few distinctive painting methods including mosaic, contour, and layering. These methods can all be combined in one painting or used on their own depending on how the subject speaks to me. 

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