Sofie Skapski


A Moment and Forever

Coastal Tranquility

In these unprecedented times, our new code words to live by are keep calm, be kind, and stay safe. I started this Coastal Tranquility series last year, and continued working on it in February, little knowing how it would tie in so well with our current situation. When I am out on the ferries travelling between Gulf Islands and the big island, I am often overwhelmed by the sheer serenity of sky and water; the solitude that fills my soul with peaceful contemplation. This is something to take to heart in the uncertainty we are living with in our current daily life. Nature has so much to offer – it gives us strength and security, and the inner peace that will carry us forward. These paintings speak to that, providing solace and spiritual affirmation. 


Follow That Dream

New Works


Oil and Cold Wax

Cold wax medium is a mixture of white unbleached beeswax and odourless mineral spirits. When mixed, it gives oil paint a buttery consistency for painting thickly with texture, and hastens the drying time. I use palette knives and have developed a few distinctive painting methods including mosaic, contour, and layering. These methods can all be combined in one painting or used on their own depending on how the subject speaks to me. 

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