Sofie Skapski



Halcyon Days



Spring is one of my favourite seasons but this year it has been difficult to get enthusiastic about spring. Spring has been slow, with cold wet weather and all the flowers and bulbs that excite me so much have been slow in opening. I can’t wait for some lovely warmth and sun. Luckily my new studio is warm and inviting. Currently I am working on my 2022 Poppy series. These poppy paintings are in high demand and each year I try to bring something new to the table, making each year’s series its own. I paint each painting mindfully, with care and intent, focusing on capturing the excitement and joy these flowers bring. I am also continuing with my tree series and moonrise/full moon paintings. And as spring progresses I know I will be inspired to paint many of the wild and garden flowers that pop up all over, bringing hope and colour into our world. 


Like a Warm Embrace

New Works


Oil and Cold Wax

Cold wax medium is a mixture of white unbleached beeswax and odourless mineral spirits. When mixed, it gives oil paint a buttery consistency for painting thickly with texture, and hastens the drying time. I use palette knives and have developed a few distinctive painting methods including mosaic, contour, and layering. These methods can all be combined in one painting or used on their own depending on how the subject speaks to me. 

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