Sofie Skapski


Time Together

Waiting on Spring

As the snow lightly falls this mid-February morning I take heart that spring is on its way. Snow is such a temporary phenomenon here on the west coast; soon it will turn into rain and tomorrow it will only be a memory. On my walks this winter I have reveled in watching the birds flit from tree to tree, resting momentarily on branches as they forage. They bring hope for the future; life is unfolding as it should. The seasons change one to the next and the birdsong carries me along in the great circle. My new series is a small one – little paintings of little birds – but it is the little things that bring so much meaning to life. I also have begun another series of local landscapes – scenes from the Estuary. Enjoy. 


Redwing in Mountain Ash

New Works


Oil and Cold Wax

Cold wax medium is a mixture of white unbleached beeswax and odourless mineral spirits. When mixed, it gives oil paint a buttery consistency for painting thickly with texture, and hastens the drying time. I use palette knives and have developed a few distinctive painting methods including mosaic, contour, and layering. These methods can all be combined in one painting or used on their own depending on how the subject speaks to me. 

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