Trees reaching their branches up to cradle the sky; birds perching in a dappled haven of leaves; wild flowers unfurling from the undergrowth along a forest trail; waves crashing on rocky outcroppings along a lonely shore – these are the natural elements that nourish my soul and form the creative undercurrent of my paintings. Inspiration flows from my travels – the diversity of plants and landscapes around this Earth, the variation of colour and light. But this world is more than just an ever-changing landscape, and people, caught in moments of normal, daily life, round out my painting.

I received my art training at Capilano College, Douglas College, and the Instituto de Belles Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have  lived in the Comox Valley since 2004, and paint out of my studio at Art Alchemy Collective in Courtenay. I use oil paints and cold wax medium, and paint on natural linen, canvas, and cradled wood panels.


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